Building Sector






In order to meet the needs of Building Industry, we are supplying thermal insulation materials such as construction thermal insulation materials, industrial thermal insulation materials, glass fabric thermal insulation materials, heat resistance thermal insulation materials and thermal insulation materials.


Thermal Insulation:


Hot Resin Bonded Glass Wool, Rockwool Slabs. These material are used in Underdeck/Underside insulation for RCC  and Sheeting for Overdeck, 


Cold Insulation:


Nitrile Rubber, Extruded Polystyrene material, Extruded Polyurethane Sections.. These materials are used in  Chiller Lines, HVAC .


Building  Insulation:


Materialls like Gypsum board, False Ceiling materials  are used for False ceiling/flooring.


Prefabricated Sandwiched Polyurethane, Thermacole panels are used for Wall Cladding and Partition work.